Digital Marketing
Training in Nigeria
Welcome to Nigeria’s Number 1 digital marketing training academy- ZEODigitalAcademy.
ZEODigital Academy is Nigeria’s Number 1 digital marketing training academy. We have over 5 different training centers in several parts of Nigeria and Africa.

In Nigeria, our digital marketing training centers are in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt & Ibadan.

Our staff are top-notch and are certified digital marketers with several years of experience in Digital Marketing.

Over the years, we have trained several individuals and corporate bodies how to use digital marketing for the promotion of their Goods and services.

This has helped in increasing their customer base tremendously and as such has lead to an increase in revenue and profit.

We don’t just teach digital marketing. We COACH you to become a top-notch digital marketer.

Effective Digital Marketing Training.
By signing up for our digital marketing training in Lagos Nigeria, we will teach and coach you on the following:

Inbound Marketing

Of all digital marketing techniques, inbound marketing is the easiest and cheapest. By signing up for our digital marketing training in Nigeria, we will teach you on how to structure your business and that of your clients in such a way that customers will be the one running to you rather than your running of them! How cool is that?

Blogging and Content Marketing

Our blogging and content marketing class will put you through on how to create a money making blog. We will teach you basic website designing and web development skills needed for blog creation using WordPress. We will also teach you how to make money with your blog using affiliate marketing and Google AdSense
Digital Marketing is a journey.

Social Media Marketing

Our online marketing training course will also put you through on how to run an effective social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram. You will learn how to manage social media platforms for your business and that of your clients. Aside from social media management, you will learn how to run ads for almost free on Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization

Ever wondered how the sites you see on Google when you make a search get there? It is called SEO. Our digital marketing training class in Lagos will put you through how to rank websites on Google. This will afford you to get lots of potential buyers to your websites.

Google AdWords

We will also teach you how to create pay per click ads on Google using and Youtube. This alone, if done right, is enough to triple the current revenue of your business and that of your digital marketing clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest form of digital marketing. We will teach you how to create, send and design powerful emails that will turn your leads into customers.
We won’t abandon you after the training. We will stay by your side for at 6 months to ensure that you put
all your learnt in our digital marketing into practice.

How Much is The Training?

The cost of the training depends solely on which on which of our training center you want to take the training in. Here is a summary of the training cost for all our centers

Ibadan Training Center: NGN 85,000

Cost Of Training In Lagos Nigeria Center: NGN 120,000

Digital Marketing Training In Abuja: NGN 120,000

Learn Online Marketing In Portharcout Training Center: NGN 120,000

What Do I need to Come With?

All you need for the training is your laptop. Internet and Electricity will be provided for you.

How Many Hours Is the Training?

There are two different sessions for the training. We have both weekday and Weekend classes.

Weekday classes run for 4hours everyday from 10am to 1pm from Monday to Friday.

Weekend Classes runs on Saturday and Sundays for 4 weekends

Will I be given a certificate After the Online Marketing Training?

Yes, a certificate will be issued to all participants at the end of the training.

Are you convinced yet? Sign Up for
our Digital Marketing Training.

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